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Odisha is a complete package, where you can enjoy serene and rustic hills, scenic waterfalls, historic monuments & heritage sites, crowded as well as silent beaches, lakes and holy pilgrimage sites. But to make it a memorable experience, you must take care of a few things and make sure to follow these guidelines.

Important Guidelines for Odisha Trip

# 1

Always carry an identity proof with you.

# 2

If you are an international traveller, We recommend you to get onto India's time zone before you leave your home town and try to eat and sleep on Indian time. This helps you to get adjusted fast to start enjoying your trip. India's time zone is GMT/UTC +5.30.

# 3

Bring winter clothes along with you in winter and cotton outfit, hats, sunglasses in summer. For your safety, try to carry minimal costly ornaments.

# 4

If you are planning on spending time at the beach, don’t forget to carry sunscreen. Even if you forget, dont worry as there are many medical stores and pharmacies where you can purchase the same.

# 5

While travelling keep enough water with you. In summer, temparature hits 45+ degree celcious in some parts of odisha. Keep yourself hydrated with water and other juices when you are on tour. water will be available in most of the shops.

# 6

Do carry your medicines and few tablets for fever, cold, head ache, vomiting etc. If you have the habit of vomiting during traveling, inform your driver in advance. If you get the feel for vomiting during travel ask your drive to stop the vehicle and do not vomit inside the vehicle or through the windows

# 7

There are plenty of ATMs all over the odisha there by avoiding carrying more cash with you. In cities debit/credit cards are widely accepted. Banks are open from 10:00AM till 4:00PM.

# 8

Entry for non-Hindus is not permitted by some temples. You have to leave the footwear outside the temple which is a strict rule in most of the temples. You may have to leave mobile, camera or any similar gadgets before entering. There are govt/private cloakrooms set up for same outside those temples.

# 9

Avoid hugging or kissing at public places which attracts public attention, being the orthodox attitude of people around you

# 10

Liquor consumption is permitted in odisha. But you won't find any liquor shop within 500 meters of the national and state highways. Consumption of liquor in open space or public area is prohibited. Always prefer bar/restaurant for same.

# 11

Smoking is banned in public places in Odisha by court order and you are liable to be prosecuted if you smoke in public.

# 12

In beaches always listen to the lifeguard and tourist police. The waves may be good for bathing and surfing, but there may be rocks underneath and they could hide a current or a sudden depression. Some beaches are not good for bath because of quicksand (chorabali).

# 13

In cities/ towns, there won't be any issues of mobile network. But in hill stations, sactuaries & National Parks you may not get a good network connectivity. Keep smart phone with you to make your journey hasslefree with best apps.

# 14

People of odisha are very friendly and helpful.

# 15

If you want to drive a vehicle in odisha and you are a foreign citizen, keep your international driving licence with you. Please follow basic guidelines while driving. Safety is of prior importance and we recommend you to use seat belts while driving.

# 16

Buses and Trains are the cheapest mode of transport in Odisha. But if you have time constraints, then hire a cab as there are no frequent buses to all tourist places.

# 17

Avoid travelling to remote ares in night hours. It is always advised to stay the night in a good hotel or resort and continue the journey next morning.

# 18

Hindi and English language are understood by locals. Use simple words while communicating with them.

# 19

In most of the tourist places ticket booking is not an issue. If you are planning to travel sancturies/ national park, then collect info regarding booking process.

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