Heritage Tourism, Odisha

Odisha is famous for its rich culture & heritage. Heritage sites are the most visited tourist destinations of Odisha. The heritage sites depicts presence of Buddism and Jainism along with Hinduism in Odisha.

Konark Sun Temple

Konark is a medium town in the Puri district in the state of Odisha, India. It lies on the coast by the Bay of Bengal, 65 kilometers from the capital of the state, Bhubaneswar. It is the site of the 13th-century Sun Temple, also known as the Black Pagoda, built in black granite during the reign of Narasimhadeva-I. The temple is a World Heritage Site. Read more...
Nearest Town/ City : Bhubaneswar

Udayagiri & Khandagiri Caves

These are the places full of rock-cut architecture, art and religion. The two hills rise abruptly from the coastal plain, about six km west of Bhubaneswar, separated by a highway.Very nice place to visit with your family.It looks like mini Ajanta Ellora caves.Has a lot of historical value. Read more...
Nearest Town/ City : Bhubaneswar

Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri & Udaigiri

Lalitgiri (also known as Naltigiri) is a major Buddhist complex in the Indian state of Odisha comprising major stupas, esoteric Buddha images, and monasteries , one of the oldest sites in the region. Together with the Ratnagiri and Udayagiri sites, Lalitgiri is part of Puspagiri University located on top of hills of the same names. Read more...
Nearest Town/ City : Jajpur

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